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Ocean Life Direct is offering the most logical choice of Florida “Dry Rock” available to the reef tank hobbyist today. Naturally beautiful as well as environmentally- friendly, the rock we offer is a safe and inexpensive way to create an Aquascape. Our rock is the gold standard of Dry Rock.

Why is logic important when you consider aquarium Dry Rock? There are very few marketers of Dry Rock and all have a story to tell about why their rock is best. They buy rock in bulk and resell it to you. The owners of Ocean Life Direct are also the owners of Reefbuilders International, the creators of The Atlantis Reef Project offshore of Key Biscayne, Florida. We work in the ocean and a store/office. We are not aquarists. Reefbuilders creates large offshore artistically themed manmade reefs and we own two offshore aquaculture leases in the Florida Keys with hundreds of thousands of pounds of Aquacultured Live Rock. We built a special oil recovery boat for the BP Spill cleanup effort., We do ocean cleaning projects. We import GENUINE, as opposed to FAKE Aragonite sand from Ocean Cay in the Bahamas. We love the Oceans. We are in it for the environment and oceans but we dive, fish and relax on it whenever possible.

So…….what is the logic we are talking about?

It is not about what many people think. (Holes, crevices and hiding places). It is really about surface texture.

Natural reefs have virtually no holes and crevices. Ocean life is on the surface.


The disadvantages: Rock that is mostly holes is not the answer.

  1. 95 % of the fish you may get are sure to be too big for the holes.
  2. Holes may be great for shrimp, tiny creatures and cleaning crews but most people are not building a self-sufficient natural reef tank.
  3. The vast majority build viewing tanks. Viewing tanks are built for “seeing your fish” and ease of care. They don’t need massive holes, they need a natural look and surface areas for corals or coraline algae.
  4. Massive Holes look interesting but collect dying organisms, waste and allow for bad algae growth that you can’t reach or clean and often results in long term cleaning problems.
    Because of the cost we have noticed that many people are switching to Dry Rock for their aquarium aquascape. Others feel that the best way to start a saltwater environment is to do it slowly with Dry Rock, some Live Rock, sufficient lighting and great circulation. We support both concepts as well as using 100% Live Rock.

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