Dry Rock and how it works in your aquarium

You are looking at Florida Coral Rock that is a top quality Dry Rock product available for appearance and functionality. As you build an Aquascape you will find that this rock is the easy to stack. We pre-package this Dry Rock in boxes of 65 pounds. You can order as many boxes as you need.

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This is the rock that makes a difference in your aquarium. You’ve gone through all the expenses to get set up and you know that establishing an environment for your marine life is very important. The necessary amount of holes and crevices as well as a texture that gives you the ability to configure the rock to your personal satisfaction should be the objective of your decision-making process. With the necessary amount of protective areas throughout our rock and the caves made through the stacking process our rock provides a natural appearance and texture that is perfect for adding all types of marine organisms.

Not your ordinary Dry Rock

This Dry Rock while not considered Live Rock is also not considered Base Rock. This is Decorative Rock of the highest natural appearance.
It is not what is called Swiss Cheese Rock that has excessive holes that will collect certain algae and provide places for marine life to hide and many time die in. This type rock subjects you to more frequent cleaning, overgrowth and water changes.

Make you aquarium an example of your commitment to our oceans. Support US Aquaculture not reef destruction in foreign countries.