111 Lg_Rock_Stack_1 1Ocean Life Direct and our Florida Keys Dry Rock.

You are looking at Florida Coral Rock that is a top quality Dry Rock product available for appearance and functionality. As you build an Aquascape you will find that this rock is the easy to stack.  We pre-package this Dry Rock in boxes of 65 pounds. You can order as many boxes as you need.

Our Products.

This is the rock that makes a difference in your aquarium. You’ve gone through all the expenses to get set up and you know that establishing an environment for your marine life is very important. The proper amount of holes and crevices as well as your ability to configure the rock to your satisfaction should be the key to your decision-making process. The amounts of protective areas are throughout this rock and the result is a natural appearance reef that has the right texture for adding and kind of marine organism.

Not your ordinary Dry Rock.

This rock while not considered Live Rock is also not considered Base Rock. This is Decorative Rock of the highest quality and natural appearance.  It is not what is called Swiss cheese Rock

Our Passion.

People love fish tanks for good reason just as I do. They are beautiful and mesmerizing in the home, office or public places. The foundations of a great saltwater aquarium are the rock structures. As such, Live Rock is currently being taken from the pristine reefs of some foreign countries with no regard for the long term damage. The intentional destruction of natural reefs should be prohibited everywhere in the world as the impact of the damage is fast approaching a point of no return.

Importation of natural reef material should be stopped. Our oceans are in trouble and every reef is important. Because the United States waters are protected the destruction does not happen in our own back yard, (NIMBY – not in my back yard) any longer and we do not feel the loss or impact of the destruction here at home.

The results of this loss of reefs will reach our shores in the future. It’s only a matter of time!

Our Mission.

The owners of Ocean Life Direct support man-made reef development. See www.reefbuildersint.com. Our objective is to provide the aquarium enthusiast quality Dry Rock and Live Rock created through Aquaculture and Mariculture initiatives. Our goal is to help fill the demand for Live Rock and Dry Rock through entrepreneurial efforts not importation and natural reef destruction..

We are not saying buy USA only. We are saying that Ocean Life Direct will sell our products at prices similar to those of the imported Live Rock. It makes good sense to purchase your products through companies in the United States if they meet your needs and provide the quality you are looking for. This will support the protection of our reefs worldwide.

We hope that you will embrace these initiatives and do your part to stop the destruction of the world’s natural reefs without regard to the long-term consequences.

Make you aquarium an example of your commitment to our oceans.